Delta R&D, Inc. - the Theory , 9th Edition
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After a decade lost in space, Our starship is returning to port. Delta R&D, Inc. was designed to be our starship. A vessel to contain thoughts, ideas and experiences. The journey into the universe began with the book: The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of NatureĀ ; Author; Heinz R. Pagels ; ISBN 0-671-24802-2 and the path set by quantum physics concept of the random walk.

align="center"Objective Philosophy Incorporated:
Our Product Is Thought
The First and Only Objective Philosophy Exploring the Universe

Aspects of the Theory

Since corporations are defined as entities. This makes Delta R&D, Inc. a polymorphic entity with many aspects.
The Journey Begins

As with the early explorers like Magellan, Delta R&D, Inc. is our vessel, with which, we will explore - explore the universe. The Delta R&D, Inc was a PhD thesis, that became the theory; our starship Enterprise (our vessel). A vessel that is founded in, and yet encompasses, objective philosophy - a real enigma! An enigma that began in October of 1989.

Major Aspects of the Theory
 1. Delta R&D, Inc.- The Theory/Thesis
 2. Astronomy & Physics Institutue
 3. Environmental/Earth Sciences Institute
 4. Akadhmia : Private University
 5. Cybernetics Institute
 6. Byzantine & Antiquities Studies Institute
 7. Democracy Institute

9th Edition
Published by Akadhmia University Press

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